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T-shirt Wellness Baby in Organic Cotton

Size :
35.00 €
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  • Model:
T-shirt wellness baby, short sleeves, American neckline, with the 7 chakras printed on the front.

The products of the JOYAH WELLNESS line have been specially created to provide a feeling of well-being and calmness, the energy of the color of each chakra, inspired by the practice of yoga.

By having precisely positioned the color of the chakras on our products to where they are in the body, you will feel like recharged.

  • Fabric: 
Soft and comfortable

100% Organic Cotton

Our cotton from organic farming will bring softness and comfort to your baby. The absence of chemicals makes it more flexible and perfect for their sensitive skin because very little allergen.

  • Certified Quality:
All our products are organic, ie 100% natural, from organic farming, without any chemical or dangerous substances. We respect the environment and skin of your children, as well as working conditions in our manufacturing process.


All chakras are printed with ecological certified inks by Oeko-Tex, without chemicals, respecting the environment and the skin.


Size guide

We advise you to take precisely the size corresponding to the age of the child.

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